Sunday, November 1, 2009


In town we found an inside play place for the kids! Needless to say they LOVE it! =)

my babies
Trey on the go-carts

Auntie and Faith on the slide

Faith loves the slide

Trey in the maze
Faith is looking for Trey =)
Hudson would have been perfectly content to stay in this car the whole time ha!

our friends Emily and Joaquim =) he's so adorable!
and Trey would have been perfectly content to stay here the whole time! He wants to be like Daddy so bad. =)


Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

We had such a good time for Halloween this year. First, Trey had a Halloween party at school where Jane and I were room mothers and of course got to bring Faith and Hudson. Then back in Bremerhaven we had our own little Halloween party and took the kids trick or treating to all of Daddy's teammates. Our friends Alex and Thorsten (from Ulm) came to visit and went trick or treating with us. The kids were so happy they could join us!

First stop of the morning..STARBUCKS!! Jane and I met up with our friend Kara and her son Tre before heading to Trey's school.

Notice how excited I am to be at Starbucks?! HA! It's the little things...
Hudson, Tre and Faith =)
They all play so well together!
supergirl! =)

Jane =)
Kara =)

Trey was so excited for us to be at his school for the Halloween party!
spiderman (venom)
supergirl & superboy

Faith had so much fun playing in Trey's classroom
Faith is ready for school. =)
Jane and Hudson =)

Jane being room Auntie =)

they look guilty!
juice break =)
Hudson felt so cool to sit at the table with Trey =)

Trick or treating outside the school

the pumpkins we carved after school
this poor cake! we couldn't find orange food coloring, this is supposed to be a pumpkin. =)
a game I made for the kids!
the Halloween decor..

trick or treating...

Kevin and the kids

Jeff & I and our baby bump =)
Daddy and Faith =)

Steve, Faith and Hudson
Phillip and the kids

Torrell and the kids
Jan, Jeff, Torrell, Brandon, Bryan and the kids
these kids all knew who Trey was and were trying to talk to cute!
best buddies. =)

Daddy & Faith
Trey and Hudson =)

Rodney, Jeff, Bryan and the kids

party time =)

making ghosts with their feet

our crazy group =)